Château du CLAOUSET


Le Château

Claouset, is the place where live and work the  family of Siozard. In old patois, Claouset means "small enclosed". The Siozard family settled in their small garden for nearly 200 years. Today, most of their operating structure, including cellar and winery are situated in Claouset.

5 km from Saint Emilion, Claouset was one of the first viticultures in the Gallo-Roman period. The first recording went up to 300 years before J.C.

The vineyards of the Château du Claouset are the oldest of the Siozard, yet nowadays it is also a field of experimentation for new products. The IPSUM collection, created from single vine, gives a perfect example of their non-stop innovations in Claouset. 

The Terroir

Located in Entre-Deux-Mers, facing the hillsides of Saint-Émilion, the family vineyard covers nowadays about fifty hectares.

There are three different kinds of terroir in the vineyard:

A clay-limestone profil: a thin layer of clay on a plateau of limestone mother rock that allows a good drainage and a regular water input in summertime. 

 This is the main soil of the vineyard and is favourable to the good maturing of red grape varieties.


A deep-clay layer: it is colder and richer than the clay-limestone soil, it will release more water to the vines. This terroir is specific to white grape varieties.


A sandy-silty soil: it restores more heat to the vines. Thanks to a good aeration of the soil and a water inflow monitoring, this kind of terroir is perfectly suitable to the production of rosé and fruity, light red wines.

The Grape Varieties


Today, we farm all the great Bordeaux grape varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc for our Bordeaux red wines and rosés; but also grape varieties that are forgotten in Bordeaux such as MalbecCarmenère and Petit Verdot; Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris and Muscadelle four our white wines.

The large diversity of grape varieties allows us to offer more complex wines.

The Cellar

With a total capacity of nearly 4.000 hectolitres, our winemaking and wine ageing facilities in Entre-Deux-Mers have the last equipments for the production of  top-quality wines.

All the modern winemaking techniques are applied to all our wines: skin maceration, cold stabilisation, temperature monitoring, ageing on fine lees for our white wines and rosés; cold pre-fermentation maceration, pumping over and stirring, deposit removal and filtering for our red wines.

Our cuvées are aged in oak barrel during 12 to 18 months in the greatest of Bordeaux traditions.