&nvironmental approach & Biocontrol

Terra Vitis - certified since 2016

The signature of French winemakers who respect Nature, Men and Wines.

The charter specifications highlight 6 principles to tend the vines and produce the grapes coherently, globally and rigorously. Terra Vitis is a sustainable and integrated approach. The members use organic techniques to craft their wines, avoiding any negative impact on the environment.

1- Respect for the terroir: The aim of any nutrition and care given to the vines is to preserve the soil as a living entity that can meet the needs of the vines to produce quality grapes. The winegrower needs to know his land and respect water resources and bio-diversity.

2- Protection of the vines and crop: This requires keen observation of the vines to encourage natural defenses and limit any intervention to that which is strictly necessary. Intervention is a last resort, when there is no other solution to guarantee the crop.

3- Respect for Man: Terra Vitis’ specifications include a social component. It ensures the protection, safety and training of all the personnel on the estate.

4- Innovation and evolution: To meet this resolve, the specifications are updated yearly. The winegrower can anticipate and test new techniques, backed-up by know-how from the entire network.

5- Respect for society: Terra Vitis is committed to an eco-responsible approach, guaranteeing recycling and up-cycling of any waste from the estate.

6- Respect for the consumer: The scrupulous nature of the approach is shown by the fact that the winegrower has to make a record of each and every undertaking. Any intervention must be justified. An independent organization monitors each stage of production – from the vine to the glass – to ensure total transparency to the consumer.


HVE - certified since 2018

High environmental value (HEV) corresponds to the highest level of a more general scheme of environmental certification for farms.

The farm environmental certification is a voluntary approach which aims to identify and promote particularly environmentally-friendly practices applied by farmers. HEV covers four key areas: biodiversity conservation, plant protection strategy, management of fertilizer use and management of water.

In order to engage the whole agricultural sector in an approach focused on environmental progress, it is designed on the basis of certification of the whole farm at three levels.

The third or "high environmental value" level is based on performance indicators. Farm certification, which enables farmers to label their products with a value statement "from farms certified as having high environmental value", guarantees a farm's high level of environmental performance.

Organic farming - in conversion since 2019

The AB logo, a national label provides information on the good quality of a food in the same way as the AOC, means Organic Farming. The use of the Organic Label, controlled by the Organic Agency, which is under the Ministry of Agriculture, guarantees a food product from a production method that respects:

- The environment with a very minor use of pesticides: refusal of synthetic chemicals use to ensure and maintain the health of soils and ecosystems. 

- Customers, at the end of the food chain with the proposal of food respectful of human health.